Happy new year ??

Now that we have started the year well, and we have drawn the good intentions, I have decided to start blogging every now and then. Now and then I’m happy to write off about photography, that seemed like a good idea for 2018. Some of those who follow me on Facebook will have seen it, 2018 is going very well for me.

At the end of December I emailed a number of magazines if they were interested in publishing a certain series, but soon I got a response from RISE Magazine. They did not mind using my images for the January issue!

2018 also involves the opening of my studio. Last year I was in the old Deventer Hospital with my studio, this place was a bit out of my sight. I had been here for 2 years now and it was time for renewal, something that I could develop well, I felt like I stopped here and I had reached that I had to reach. Time for a new step. During my search I had a photo shoot scheduled for a business portrait, we got into conversation and she did something in the management of premises, interestingly my partner thought. We got talking and came to visit her and went to look at a new room. The space really appealed to us and I had the feeling that I was going to be able to develop myself well, I did see this! So said, done so!

At the beginning of January I was able to enter my new spot. Not entirely true, actually. At the beginning of December they told me that I could move there already and where necessary already hold several shoots there. Well, of course a grand opening is part of a studio. In order to prepare the opening well, we decided to do the opening in January. January 20 that would be the day. The day of the opening of the studio, well we had a plan, but only people are again something like that. Good, to make up an action. I thought it would be nice to keep it as models, because that suits me well, and what do models need if they want to register with a desk, especially polaroids!

Well, polaroids are not the most exciting pictures, but they are necessary!
So I thought of the action, polaroids for 1, – that you can take home right away when you take your USB stick with you!

Are you planning to register with a modeling agency? And do you still need polaroids? Then come along at the Keulenstraat 16 in Deventer from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Who knows until then!

Love, Jasmijn

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