The 50mm is always one of the first lenses that a photographer, blogger and anyone with an SLR purchase.
I am one of the exceptions and had this lens borrowed from my sister more often.

I shoot with a Nikon.
And the 50 mm of Nikon costs around € 200, – is obviously not too bad, but in comparison with that of Canon on the “pricey” side.
Now I had ordered a new strobe a while ago at Foto Konijnenberg. (Other not recommended, the delivery time was almost a month (or while he had to come from China …)

And then, suddenly I got advertising everywhere from their, as first a picture of my ordered flash,
but when I moved to Instagram on the next photo, I suddenly saw a 50mm for no less than 79, -! Bargain! And he was again for Nikon too.

It is a Lens of the brand Yongnuo and in my eyes only as Chinese as it can be.
But, what am I to complain for 79, – instead of the 200, – that I would pay for it with the logo of Nikon on it, nothing at all.

Good, time to take a closer look at the lens. Fortunately, I still have my sister’s 50mm to compare it with!

Good, where I use my lenses mainly in the studio, so this is also where I have taken a close look at.
If you still wish to test it in daylight, let me know!
Although, some photos I shot in the studio with daylight.

Lens Flare? Nope.
Left: Nikon 50mm 1.8 Right: Yongnuo 50 mm 1.8

Okay, maybe a bit of my mistake.
But I did not use a tripod so the proportions are not quite right.
The settings of the camera are the same with both lenses, yet I found that the lens flare was less visible, so a plus point for Yongnuo!

Portrait of a friend, untouched, though. (Sorry sweet)
Left: Nikon 50mm 1.8 Right: Yongnuo 50mm 1.8

In the studio there can not be much wrong with a lens, I do not really see a difference.
Maybe there’s something less white on the left,
but this can also come from the distance between him and the lamp. With this it is 1-2 for Yongnuo.

Daylight! Hello iPhone.
Left: Nikon 50mm 1.8 Right: Yongnuo 50mm 1.8

The photos are unprocessed,
With Nikon’s, the tabletop looks whiter, but with Yongnuo the phone seems nicer in terms of overflow.
I myself am not a fan of how the overflow at Nikon is and I choose for Yongnuo again.
You can also whiten the background in Photoshop, right?

These were the three equations I wanted to make, and for me it is unexpected, but I have to admit that I really like the new Yongnuo.
Maybe it’s because the Nikon version is older, but this does not seem to me a problem in terms of quality.
So you’re a blogger, vlogger or photographer, and you also want a 50mm and you have a budget.

There are also cheaper options! Which are just as good, or even better!
I have ordered my lens here on, and have not been sponsored for this.

Are you curious about photography tips? For example, how do you whiten the background in photoshop?
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Love, Jasmine

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