Once in a while I try to update my portfolio.
Last Saturday my work was published in RISE Magazine.
Ah fine, now I can finally use them for my portfolio!
A while ago in the article about dodge and burn. (read him here!)
I had added a 50% gray layer as a photo. That was the photo that I could not show at the time in connection with the publication that would come out in RISE Magazine.
Today I can finally share these photos with you!

This is the end result that I achieved with the 50% gray layer in photoshop!
9 hours of work, but then you have something too!

Fun fact, this background was officially the color Sienna,
so actually brown like the top and bottom picture!
On Instagram I have a highlight story where you can also see this color.

I eventually added two of the 4 photos to my portfolio on my website.
Updating your website is important to show your followers that you are still active, and will continue with new work.
If you keep holding the same portfolio for years, people start to doubt you,
are they only lucky shots of the time?

If you want to start your own portfolio, I advise you to keep it small
(do not throw each photo on it) be selective, show what you want,
then clients will also approach you faster for assignments that make you happy.

If you would like it if I look specifically at your portfolio, please send me an e-mail.
I look at it with love.

Love, Jasmijn

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