Just before the opening of my new studio I had contact with BenQ
And I can tell with enthusiasm that I have become an ambassador for BenQ,
at least for the upcoming 3 months!

Today I tell you what my findings are after more than a week with this monitor
Tom, my friend is my marketing man.
He is involved in marketing matters.
A while back he sent an e-mail to BenQ asking if I could become an ambassador.
And that was possible!

After having e-mailed back and forth, and a Skype conversation they decided that I was certainly interesting to work with.
I naturally retouch a lot in terms of photography.

The BenQ SW2700PT

Now I can try him for 3 months,
and who is “him” The monitor that I received is the BenQ SW2700PT.
A screen that has been specially developed for photographing and retouching images.
Today I am going to let you know what I think after more than a week!

It is just a kit if you have had it inside.
During unpacking, I immediately noticed that everything was solid,
the foot is very firm and also stands on the table.
At the top of the foot, on the piece where you connect the screen, you can also hold it to move it, for this there is a special handle.

Portrait or Horizontal

You can use the screen in two ways,
horizontal which is ideal for editing and the like, but if you use it for tether photography you can also put it in portrait mode.
What immediately struck me was that especially for Apple users there was already a special cable to connect it, ideal! You do not have to buy an adapter to connect the monitor, you can use it right away!


What is special about this display is the button panel that you can connect separately and put in a special holder in the foot.
What is so ideal of these buttons is that you can sit on your screen with sRGB, Adobe RGB or Black-White at the touch of a button. You can also adjust this yourself for any other action such as re-calibrating it with a specific range for print.

The function that I have used a lot over the past two weeks is the function to turn it black and white.
With dodge and burn I often make a black and white layer, but this is now no longer necessary!
I can set it to black and white at the touch of a button, or to sRGB or Adobe RGB. Ideal if you use your photos in different formats (print, web)


Again something that struck me in comparison with an Eizo screen is a box at the top.
This box is for calibrating your screen.
From here you can easily place the calibration set on your screen.
The screen you receive has already been calibrated at the factory,
and is therefore really ready-for-use.
I recommend to purchase a calibration set.
A screen must be calibrated at least once every 3 months. Preferably more often.

What BenQ also promises is 99% Adobe RGB color faithful,
as far as I have an eye for it, this is very impressive.
I can work very specifically on this screen and find it very clear in terms of color, it is really what I actually observed during the shoot.

What also struck me was a hub on the side, or while extra usb holes. And an extra SD slot!
This is ideal if you have shot on multiple cards,
in your Macbook one and one in your monitor!

Own “work space”

As you could already see, there are crazy flaps.
This is to block the sun, you also create a kind of private space.
Personally I experience that I have more focus (ideal because I am distracted within 2 seconds)
Good, but now what I think of it myself.
I have told you the in and out about this screen!

I never expected that I would use it with much pleasure,
Before, I always hated screens that were bigger than 15 “
Now that this monitor is 27 “I was a little worried that I would find it too big.
But for retouching it is ideal! The color authenticity is very nice,
but also switching to black and white is ideal.
Also with the sorting out of photos this is useful, if a customer doubts whether they like him or think that he looks better in black and white, I can show this quickly.

Like me, he is also ideal with picking out photos,
I currently have him on the head of the table.
If I want to show the photos immediately after the shoot, this is easy, I drag bridge to the screen and can push on my laptop while my customers are sitting on a cup of coffee or tea.


Recommended retail price: € 799, –
Resolution: 2560 x 1440
Diameter: 27-inch
Panel: 10-bit wide-gamut-ips
Connections: SD slot, HDMI, Connection for apple, 2 x USB 3.0.
Information: www.benq.nl

Personally I find it highly recommended, there will probably be a difference with an Eizo.
But certainly for the price I think this is a good counterpart. I’m afraid I will not be able to dispose of it in 3 months. I think the screen works very well, retouching on this screen is ideal and my colors are much nicer than on my macbook from 2010. retouching is ideal to watch retouch videos.

Love, Jasmijn

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