Last week I received a phone call for my first job abroad!
I am flown in by Jean Paul Myne to photograph the autumn collection / campaign.
Super fat, because this means that my work will be hanging in no fewer than 43 countries!

How did they get to me?

Roza is a hairdresser I met on Facebook, a while ago I was looking for a hairstylist for two photo shoots.
She could help me with this, her right hand seemed nice to work together. Late last month we have held this shoot, and the results have become very cool, unfortunately I can not share the images of one of these shoots with you in connection with a publication in a magazine that will be released in early June, this will take some time, but you keep these photos from me! Roza has seen these photos through Chantal, her right hand and was very satisfied with it.

When she was in front of a meeting in Italy in connection with the consultation for photographing the autumn collection and putting together the team for that
she had the question whether she could fly into her own photographer, since she would rather put her own team together for this shoot.
Now she called me if it seemed nice to me to be flown in to Italy, of course I thought that was great!

How was my reaction about this job?

I had not seen this phone call at all, together with my friend we were in Amersfoort to geocach, a game that we often play together outside.
Through Facebook, Roza had sent me a message which was exactly my phone number, through Chantal she had been able to find out more quickly than I had responded. After a few minutes I was called by Roza. After we started the conversation she asked me if I was available at the end of May.
She told me that she was currently in Italy for a business meeting with Jean Paul Myne and that they were talking about the photo shoot for the fall of 2018 she also said she was not satisfied with the photographer who had photographed the past campaign, she had consulted whether she could fly into her own photographer and that she should think about me. When she asked me if I liked this, of course I answered YES right away! Super cool! I still do not realize that I will be flown in to Italy soon to photograph an autumn campaign for a hairdresser’s brand.

About the job

It took a while before I realized that I would be flown in by a brand to shoot an autumn collection.
At the end of May, I’m just out the door to shoot the images for this cool brand! And when I think that it is going to hang in 43 countries it feels completely unrealistic, Roza also hires a professional videographer who will make pictures on the day of the photo shoot, so I hope to share this video with you once the campaign is over. come true.

What am I going to take with me to the job?

In Italy they own a small studio, but to run the photo shoot completely to my own hand I would like to have my own modifiers.
Upcoming month, Roza is still in Italy and then she will take a look at me for what modifiers she has, and what might still have to come. The modifiers that I would like to use for this job are an octa box or my Beauty dish. Of course this is also very dependent on what result we ultimately want to achieve, often you have from both parties a certain idea about the look of the photo, and in studio photography it is still important which modifier is used for this. A number of things are of course also not convenient to take with you from the Netherlands, just take a background role of 2.75 in a plane, not gonna happen!

Preparing for the job, another shoot!

In preparation for the shoot in Italy, we have planned a photo shoot at the end of April, again with the hair in the leading role.
April 29th we are going to photograph some hairstyles here in the Netherlands, on location at Roza in the salon.
Also with these images we want to go for a publication, only then do we want to go for a somewhat larger publication that is also known by hairdressers, namely in Top Hair. Top hair is a magazine that you will find a lot in hairdressers in the salon and where Roza has stood in several times.
I hope to be able to share these images with you before we go abroad.

What exactly happens to these images?

As I said at the beginning of the article, these photos will therefore hang in 43 countries,
on billboards, in magazines as posters at hairdressers who work with this brand.

What is Jean Paul Myne?

“An old saying goes:” Unity makes power “. Jean Paul Mynè is living proof of that.
Based on a combination of the know-how of expert researchers in chemistry and biology, market research on hair stylists and their customers, the Italian flair for trade and business, we have developed a product that is innovative in appearance, content and performance.

Jean Paul Mynè was founded with the aim to bring good quality to the market.
The origins of the company lie in Italian cosmetic products intended for qualified professionals. “

This is how Jean Paul Myne puts himself on the market, as they put themselves down for hairdressers and their customers.
In this way they bring this into the world, this piece I found from the website of Jean Paul Myne.

Now that I have involved you so much in terms of how everything has gone, I would also like to involve you in this photo shoot in Italy.
How exactly I want to do this I do not know exactly yet, I was thinking about creating a kind of Live blog, or a vlog.
This is of course also dependent on whether this is possible during the shoot day, or I have to blur all models, here I’m going to brainstorm,
but if you have a great idea, please let us know!

Love, Jasmijn

-The images in this blog post are not my property, the rights belong to the photographer and Jean Paul Myne

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