Last week I had a very varied week, and because of this I wanted to take you along!
Curious what I did last week about photography? Read more then!

On Monday I shot the latest models for JR Model Management in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, the shoot could not take place in Studio 13, since Doutzen Kroes booked this last minute, and because of this unfortunately our place was canceled, well, another solution. The boss of the agency had arranged a different location at the Art Hotel, for us this was very nice as we went with public transport, and lots of stuff.


Unfortunately, I lay on the bed with flu on Tuesday, officially I always do an internship on Tuesday, officially we would have a test shoot today in the studio, but unfortunately I could not be here!


Monday there was something nice: I was contacted by a magazine, their photographer had unfortunately canceled last minute, and because of this they were in trouble with the shooting of the cover! On Wednesday morning I normally always have school, but it could not be that bad to report me sick, now I hope nobody reads this. Okay, so I spent the Wednesday shooting the cover of Hoda Magazine, a magazine for the Moroccan-Dutch woman. The cover has become very cool, and I will share it with you as soon as it is released, but expect him to be in stores mid-May!


Today I would go to a shoot of Talkies magazine, but unfortunately this did not happen, so I used this day to start retouching the photos of JR Model Management!


Friday would be a nice quiet day, but nothing turned out to be less true. My friend is currently working for America Today and asked if I wanted to help him, and so I went to Sittard & Den Bosch, after standing for 2.5 hours in public transport due to various disruptions we were finally there!


The Saturday was not very exciting, in the morning I had a paid customer for business, fresh portrait photos for LinkedIn. After this I was scheduled at the Hema, and here I also sat from 12:30 to 18:00.


Today my friend and I agreed with friends of ours to go find a treasure, or Geochache! At 11:00 they were with us to pick us up and then by car to travel to Steenwijk here seemed to sit some nice caches, afterwards we found this to be disappointing and the caches were not very spectacular, but it was cozy! We were pretty in time at home and so could nicely go to the Intratuin, here we have scored a nice plant to put in the studio, I still had a gift voucher of 25, – so it came in handy! The studio is becoming a bit greener! We decided to bring the plant directly to the studio, so that we could give it a nice spot, I hope to be able to record / photograph a studio tour tomorrow afternoon! In any case, you still owe this to me.

And so the week had already passed! The evenings of all days were filled with photo retouching, so from Wednesday to Friday I worked every night on the cover of the magazine to be able to deliver it for Saturday, so that the layout can be put in order. The rest of the evening I was working for JR Model Management.

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Love, Jasmine

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