Photoshop, there are a lot of discussions going on about photoshop.

Is photoshop needed? Is the image manipulation? What are we showing the world?
We often have these kinds of conversations during the Graphic Design classes.
As a photographer it is important what you show the world, in journalistic photography photoshop is clearly not done!
But in fashion, beauty (& portrait) photography, photoshop is my friend.
Of course photoshop is also a huge time thing. In the past, people used no computers and therefore no photoshop.
But, the post-processing already existed. Previously, old-fashioned brush and white and black paint were used to correct.

What do you do in Photoshop as standard.

Eliminate pimples, give it more volume, fill in holes in the hair. A nicer overflow in (skin) color.
Something that is often forgotten is the whole skin to pack, so often the arms, neck and hands are forgotten.

But what do you often do in Photoshop where that photo wow ?!

Correct mistakes.
During a shoot the clothes are never perfect, never! You can iron and steam as much as you like, but there will always be wrinkles.
Ditto for make-up! You can never take the same photo twice, this money also for make-up. You can never make exactly the same look on two different eyes.
That is why you often change this in photoshop.

And as I quote from Bianca Toeps, “Often things are more time-consuming to fix on the shoot than if I did it in post-processing.”

Enough chatting! Here come a number of images before & after the post-processing!
I have used a roll over, so go over it with your mouse and you will see it different!

What a difference, right?
Did you find it cool to see the difference before and after photoshop?
And do you want to see this more often? Let me know!

Love, Jasmijn

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