Last month I was asked if I could shoot the cover for Hoda Magazine.
What exactly is Hoda magazine? Hoda magazine is a magazine that is for the Moroccan-Dutch woman. The magazine has existed for a long time and is unfortunately stopped by financial reasons. Now they have released a one-off Ramadan edition once, and before that I have been allowed to shoot the cover!

Unfortunately, I do not yet have the opportunity to show you the cover, but I have a really cool way to show one of you first at the launch!
The launch will take place in Amsterdam on Friday 18 May between 18:00 and 19:00.

Hoda Magazine has existed for 5 years and was unfortunately removed from the stores.
It was no longer possible to run the magazine full time, it did not deserve enough to be fully involved, so she had to take a job next to it.
At a certain moment this did not work anymore and she unfortunately had to stop the magazine. Now a year after the magazine is no longer available in the book trade, she has put the time and effort into issuing a one-off Ramadan edition.

This one-off Ramadan edition will be in the Ako, Bruna and other bookshops just like previous editions.
So if you do not win this win action then you can always admire the magazine at the Bookstore in your area!

Enough chatting, would it be nice to go with me to the launch in Amsterdam?
Then read more about what you have to do to be able to go to the launch in Amsterdam.
So If you are a English reader but you will be in Amsterdam 19 May you can join the contest!

What do you have to do to be able to go to the launch?

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On the 11th of May I will send the lucky winner an e-mail! Good luck!

Love, Jasmijn

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