For a while I wondered how I could move on to retouch specifically for people.
Retouching is of course a rather difficult profession because a photographer often can do both, but to show you at other companies, you also develop yourself in it.
Today I have 5 tips for finding retouch customers.
1. Tell everyone around you.

Unconsciously you often have a network around you, by putting it on Facebook and indicating that you want to get started with this, people often (un) consciously know people who can mean something for you. For example, I have heard success stories from people who have started using as a retoucher at larger brands.
Also on birthdays of your in-laws, it’s smart to say that you are specifically busy with retouching for other people, via via you are often the furthest.

2. Make sure you notice that you also only do retouch work specifically.

Provide a separate portfolio if you also do photography, make it clear that you retouch separately from your photography.
Indicate that it is not your work, but the photography of others and that you retouch it, make this known in step 1.
So I am still thinking about creating a separate website where I want to put retouched images on, so people see that you are very busy with this, apart from photography.

What I find difficult in this is that people often see photography and retouching as a thing.
I do notice, however, that larger companies or larger photographers do need a separate retouch.
Combining together can sometimes be tough because retouching is often asked last minute. So keep this in mind, people want the photos quickly.

3. Contact a number of photographers of which you like the work and retouch it.

This allows you to build up your portfolio at the beginning, and at the same time you can expand your skills.
At some point the other will also notice that you are retouching for other photographers and you have a chance that they will ask you for this.
So make yourself known as a retoucher. And if people ask you for something you can of course ask for a nice pocket money!

It is useful to focus on photography less, because retouching requires a lot of time.
This is of course a great waste of your photography portfolio, but make sure you continue to do so, but at a slightly lower level.

4. Make people recommend you, also show yourself on social media.

In the meantime you probably already have a nice portfolio for retouching, within your own network you have some jobs and you feel that you have enough knowledge of retouching yourself.
Well, get out there! Ask your acquaintances if they want to fill out a survey for what you could do better, take this with you and ask them to recommend you to companies, acquaintances and people who might be interesting to you.

By completing a survey you also get to know your customers better, you know what people would like to see.
But also to bring your work outside via social media is important, Instagram has become a pretty big thing, and if you work with the right # larger companies also share your work on their account, you fall back on and you may get new clients .

5. Make sure you know your customers.

Know what the wishes of the customers you want to be. This allows you to set this up and get closer to your desired customer.
Develop this specifically in your portfolio, as a photographer you also only stop work in your portfolio of which you later want such jobs.
I now also do photography for LinkedIn etc, I do not process this in my portfolio, but I can, because these are not the jobs that I always want to do.
I want to focus mainly on fashion photography, so I also almost always incorporate this into my portfolio, so that clients can see this as well.

Hopefully you have had something to do with this and now you can get started as a retoucher!

Love, Jasmijn

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