In March, my team and I shot a very cool series called Wood with a bubbly touch.
We submitted these images for a publication and last Saturday the images were finally published.
Today I share with you how I came to one of the results and I share the rest of the images.
So I take you into the retouching process of one of the images.
This image is my favorite because much has happened in terms of movement. As you can see in the retouch we have the bag moved with fishing wire.
Enough talking, I take you to the retouch!

Hopefully you found it interesting to take a look at how the retouching works exactly.
Like me, the images are used for a publication, the magazine in which our photos are placed is Kaygod Magazine, an online American magazine.
I thought it would be nice to share all the images of this photo shoot with you and therefore below all the pictures that we also used for the publication.




These are the images that were used for the publication.
What is your opinion about the images? And about the post-processing?

Love, Jasmijn

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