Somewhere else than working in the studio to work, I love it!
I love to work in a row of noisy places, to absorb the ambient noise, while I remove blog, photoshop or my mail.
Sound always works very well for me. The only disadvantage of working on location is that I can not Photoshop on my Benq screen, the quality of my photoshop work I always have to check back!


Known to everyone, and to be found in many large cities.
What I like about the Starbucks in Deventer is the long table where you can work with several freelancers,
and many electrical outlets that are hidden in the floor. A while ago we had a meeting with a number of photographers and models, very nice and Starbucks is ideal for that! A disadvantage with Starbucks? The price! If you want to work here all day, I do not recommend it, but ideal for 2/3 hours with a tasty caramel frappacino.
I have typed this article a while back, but now the Starbucks in Deventer is gone! Of course, this is no longer valid for Deventer, but you can still go there in many places.



From the week I walked in with my mom in law Place, at first it seems only a clothing store, but nothing turns out!
In the back of the store they have a very nice place where you can sit and drink coffee, unfortunately they are not that busy yet, but what a nice store is this, worth it to work once if you want it nice and quiet to have!
I do not know exactly what the electrical outlets are, but I hope to try photoshopping soon, and I will update this article right away!

Lentelink Banket Bakkerij

A dangerous place to take place, Lentelink is a pastry chef, but they have a tearoom here.
So here you can work with a pastry and a cup of tea! They have an open kitchen so when the cooks are at work you sometimes have something to watch, but here I will not work too long in connection with all those delicacies!


Super boring, and sometimes too many children, but what is ideal is the price and the sockets!
In many Hema’s there are benches inside the restaurant, where you can find an outlet, ideal if you want to have a drink and recharge your phone. Or like me want Photoshopping, working away emails etc.

Coffee Together

Always looks very cozy, but I have not been inside myself yet!
Often I see people here at work on their laptop, so I think this is a place where more “freelance” people sit down to get rid of their e-mail and arrange other things.

Het Volkshuis 

Recently I was with Tom looking for nice places in Deventer where you can have breakfast / lunch.
We found this nice spot on google, but I also knew it myself because people with an intellectual disability work here.
I find it very nice that people here work with a mental handicap, they are sometimes a bit clumsy, but a lot more enjoyable!
Keep in mind that they are often only open until 15:00 because often the employees have to return to their living group.
Equally good looking for a place with electricity, but afterwards you can work here!

I really enjoy discovering new workplaces, both in Deventer and on location.
If you would like to see this article in several places, I would definitely like to find this for you.
A requirement that I have as photoshopper is that at least my laptop and Wacom tablet fit on the table, but power is of course also extremely important.

On June 28th I have a very nice article for you, how you can quickly change photoshop a t-shirt or other object of color.
But, in the meantime, I also hope to up-date you with articles. Why that article 28 June is only online let me know you, do not you want to miss it? Follow me on Bloglovin ‘

Do you also have a place where you can enjoy Photoshopping in your city?

Love, Jasmijn


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