Whenever I borrow a camera, or someone else has sat on my camera, I check whether it is still on RAW.
The reason why I like RAW so much, just like many others is because there is much more information left in your photos
On my previous course, during the exam, they put everything wrong, precisely because shooting on RAW as a professional photographer is important.

1. Correcting of over and under exposed photos
I always photograph theter, so if I have overexposed or underexposed parts in the photo,
such as a shiny forehead or an air that is completely white, I can retrieve this information.
It is precisely because I photograph theter that I see how my photos look and if I can adjust this information with my current settings, or that I can also do this in the RAW editor, so that I lose less information.

2. Really sharper by treating your Raw
JPG photos often look sharper on your screen because all layers are already thrown over each other.
In Photoshop you have several options to make your photos look sharper without losing quality.

3. Larger color range
Raw can handle more colors, giving your photos a more beautiful transition in colors.
Personally, I find this very useful since I also photograph many faces, and the skin naturally contains a lot of color.
By shooting in RAW I can blend these colors in a more natural way.

4. Details, Details Details !!
In the Raw photos you have many more details! You can adjust a lot more, you get options to make lens corrections, add more or less contrast and you can make your photos a lot nicer via the raw option, so you spend less time actually retouching your photos because the colors are a lot nicer than in a JPG.

What I myself always end up with JPG photos is that it is incredibly flat, previously I also used much less contrast and therefore the photo was not really wowed.
Since I have gained more experience with the editing of the raw, my photos speak a lot more.

5. Get more information from your Sensor

With RAW your camera remembers everything that came on your sensor.
Your sensor does see that blue sky, only you call with setting your camera that lighting your model is more important.
Of course you also think these skies are important, but the focus still has your model, understandable! This information can be retrieved in Camera-raw by pulling the highlights down.

6. Mistakes that you have made during shooting can make you good without quality loss.

Accidentally the horizon is not completely shot right? No worries! In Camera Raw you can easily straighten this without losing quality.
If you do this afterwards, you will unfortunately always lose some quality of your photo, but thanks to the handy tools in Camera raw you can pull it straight and you will retain all quality.

Hopefully I have now persuaded you to shoot raw.
Did you always shoot at RAW? Or did you choose to use JPG for a reason?

Love, Jasmijn


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