Lately I have more and more in my head to plan fictional shoots. This so that I develop a vibe that I could also shoot for a possible customer.
Here I look at my target group, which customers I want to approach soon and what do I need for this in my portfolio.

Think of a concept.

What I would like to be in terms of customers, including jewelery, hairdressers and magazines.

Now I have to think about what a jewelery brand would like to shine out, and how I can make this look nice in my way of working, my style is rather light and clean.
The jewelry must come true so it will probably be a lot of close-ups.

Capturing jewelery beautifully remains an art, which is why I chose to practice this upcoming summer holiday.
For this I will approach a number of brands that have a lot of jewelery that I could borrow.

I finally work out the concept with a mood board, a typed concept with what I would like to create in terms of images.
I also think in advance whether I would like to work with a model, or only with stills, since I love working with people, and I think the product should also be strong with “distraction” I’m going to practice this on a person.

Find contact with brands.

Last month my goal was to work with hairdressers, I did this a lot and in the end I expanded my portfolio, I used Facebook, to approach people in the hairdressing industry and to be able to continue. Now I would like to approach a number of local stores to ask if they would like to steal their jewelry for this.

Why a fictional shoot of a brand?

Why I like to make fictional shoots is because this is realistic with what I would also like to create for brands later, because of this I develop a portfolio that hopefully attracts the customers I would like to work with, if I would only post free work shoots my style becomes visible, but not how I would deal if it were a specific product or hairstyle. It is precisely because of this that I take good care of what I would like to see if I myself were an assignment giver.

Good, and now get started! How do I handle this?

For now I take a jewelry brand as an example, to make it all clear.

1. Thinking of a concept / A plan of approach.

Here I am going to think about what I want to radiate during the shoot, which images fit and what I need.
I put this all in a plan of action, I put this in a word document for myself so that I can get it later.
I have a plan of approach for you, so that you can continue building from these points. Personally, I always add a mood board to my plan of action so that if I ask the client or your team, I will immediately have them ready. I also often add a lighting plan, I use it myself (insert link)

2. Looking for contact with brands, make-up artists and models (agencies)

Meanwhile, you have completed your plan and mood board. Time to get in touch with the people you want to work with.
I always start by contacting the brand, so that I actually know if I can use these products for the shoot.
If I have an agreement with a jewelery brand, I will continue with the rest of the team, I often do this via social media or via modeling agencies.
After a while you create a diversity in stylists and make-up artists in your own environment and hopefully you can get various collaborations from there.

3. Bring everything together.

If all goes well, you now have an appointment with your models, make-up artist and stylist.
Now you can probably pick up the jewelry at the store and prepare yourself for the shoot.
I myself take my plan of action, mood board and lighting plan at this point so that I can bring everything together and now and then I can look back at what I had in mind.

4. Determine during or after shooting whether a brand could use this.

I myself use theter, this is a cable so that I can see everything on my computer during shooting.
For example, I can clearly determine when the photos are sharp and the lighting is as desired, but I can also judge whether these are the images I want to go for.
If this is not the case, I can always adjust my set-up.

I also always decide at this point whether a brand could actually use these photos for a campaign, and if so continue to do so!
Not quite what you had in mind? Then consider why you do not like it, and try to adjust it now. If you view the images afterwards, this is obviously a good learning moment and then you can adjust the next shoot.

Would you like to plan a fictional shoot yourself? Or are you more interested in planning a free work shoot?

Love, Jasmijn

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