In the meantime I have my photography-monitor almost a year.
Has it produced benefits for me, or totally not? Do I advice an external monitor?
Or can you better work from your laptop? In this article I will show you why you should, or shouldn’t buy an external photography monitor and what my experience is.

Last year Benq send me an external monitor, the SW2700PT 
This is an monitor with an color profile of 99% Adobe RGB. As an photographer you work with a lot of different screens and the colorfastness is really important. One thing that I didn’t like about the monitor is the cable. It got broke after a small 6 months. Now I needed to work with an HDMI-cable with an special cable for my Macbook. Not really an disaster, but it is less beautiful than with the official cable. Read after the image to get to know how I like to work with an external monitor.

What are the benefits of the use of an external monitor for photography?

What I ran into was also an benefit. So where the images that I retouched on the Benq Colorfastness for the printing for magazine’s. At the moment I knew which colouring the magazine’s where using I could calibrate the monitor for that purpose. So if the magazine was going to the printer I knew that they where colourfast. Also the size of the screen is ideal for looking to the pictures with customers. Through the handy sun-protectors there was no sun flare on the screen and can the customers see the screen nice and clearly.

Where did I run into?

One of the problems I run into where even the colourfastness. And maybe that sounds weird, because that is as an photographer on of the most important things. And also if you work for big companies/customers that will start printing the images. You want that they see the pictures on the screen as in the magazine. You want them to be the same. But if you have smaller customers that only will see the photo’s on an small screen like your mobile phone or so and they will print them at an cheap store like the Hema or Kruidvat in the Netherlands then you have an problem. Go to a big technical store like Media Markt, Saturn or something like that. Go to the tv/monitor corner of the store and you will see that every screen will be different. The customer will never see the photo’s on the quality you see it, because they don’t calibrate their screens.

Will I advice an external photography monitor?

I definitely think its an tool that you can use as an photographer.
Like as an light meter, colour card and an calibration set. If you want to become a really professional photographer and the customers you will receive are also professionals then it’s really important to have the right tools for that. For me the Benq SW2700PT is really a tool that I need as an photographer. My customers can see right away what the quality of the image is that they will get. I sit up straight behind my monitor to retouch and can put my macbook under the table. Which make my desk really clean. For an photographer can It definitely be an extension of your photography. And I can advice you to invest in a good monitor. Sometimes I still work on my old baby, my Macbook from 2010, but I will control it on the Benq if it is good. Are you really a tech-nerd like me, read definitely my other article about the technical details of the Benq SW2700PT

Do you use an external monitor for retouching of your images in Photoshop?

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