Podcast are really upcoming, sinds 2016 they are more a “thing”
I started listening to podcast at the end of 2018. And sinds then I almost listen everyday to them. Today I will let you know which podcasts are really nice for you as an photographer. 

1. The Fashion Photography Podcast.

Of course this Podcast. Two words that totally describe me.
The Fashion Photography Podcast calls with a lot of different photographers.
So you get a lot of knowledge from other photographers. The information that they give is really diverse. How to communicate with your team but also about making a moodboard.

2. It Stars with A Click.

This is an podcast that I found out about quite recently.
It’s about Olivia Bossert which is a photographer located in Cornwall, UK.
She talks also with photographers, but also with people in other grenes like blogging.
As an photographer you can learn a lot from this podcast. It’s not really big which make it nice that you also hear about more local people. And it also improves your English.

3. Creative Chaos Podcast.

Jenna Martin is the owner of this podcast.
I knew her from her underwater photography. I followed her a long time before she started a podcast on Instagram. After she launched the podcast I really loved listening to it. She tells a lot about the basic’s of photography.
Which give you sometimes an Ah! moment. Simple things that you should do more often.

4. The RGG EDU Photography Podcast.

This is an podcast that isn’t updated for a while.
So I’m not sure if they are still making this podcast, but they have some interesting podcasts with some interesting people, like Lindsay Adler. Unfortunately the podcast don’t say the title in the title, which I think is a big plus for the 3 podcasts above.
So before hand you don’t know what the podcast is about.

Hope I inspired you with those 4 podcasts.
Are you listening to podcasts? And if so, do you have any advice for some cool podcasts?

Lots of Love, Jasmijn

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