4 Podcast you should Listen to as an Photographer.

Podcast are really upcoming, sinds 2016 they are more a “thing” I started listening to podcast at the end of 2018. And sinds then I almost listen everyday to them. Today I will let you know which podcasts are really nice for you as an photographer. 

Before and After Photoshop #2

Before and after photoshop is an article that you guys really like. So in the meantime I made some new amazing imagery. So I will show you the before and after by fashion photography. This are the images from January – March 2018.

The use of an external monitor, useful?

In the meantime I have my photography-monitor almost a year. Has it produced benefits for me, or totally not? Do I advice an external monitor? Or can you better work from your laptop? In this article I will show you why you should, or shouldn’t buy an external photography monitor and what my experience is.

Business: Why are more people becoming an entrepreneur?

Why start even more people to become an entrepreneur? Looking at the past few years there have become a lot of people an entrepreneur. But what caused this enormous grow, and why are even more people becoming a entrepreneur? I looked it up for you and will show you the most logical reasons that people…