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EDITORIAL | Kittens Everywhere | August 2022

12 september 2022

Kitten shoot

In the last few years, I thought about doing a shoot with cats. When I just started with Photography, I did a shoot with my sister in my bedroom with my cat. That picture was my first publication ever and was published in NRC, a Dutch newspaper.
Now a few years later, my sister is having two cats, and she found out one of them was pregnant. So when they were just born, Tom Paape and I found it the perfect moment to do a shoot with the kittens. 


Photography and Retouching: Jasmijn Bult
Production Manager: Tom Paape
Model: Mirre
Agency: VDM Models 
Mua: Charlotte van Beusekom 
Hair: Liza Loman
Styling: Dominique Verwijmeren


Want to book a shoot? Feel free to e-mail me at info@jasmijnbult.nl


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