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12 april 2020

A totally different blog than I write normally.
In the last three weeks, my boyfriend Tom and I were really busy to design the website, and tonight is finally the night that we can launch it.
In this article, I will tell you why we decided to start this new site and what you can expect from it.


So why did we decide to make ?
I started photography in 2015 and I discovered my love for studio photography.
When I started photography I found out how important retouching is for an image.
I developed myself through Youtube and other platforms and photographers.
Retouching is something that I really love and doing something for other people always made me happy.
Through the new website, I can help people that need edited images, but also people that want to learn.

Preview van de retoucheer website.

What makes the website easy to use?

One thing that I didn’t found at other websites from retouchers was that you can access them easily. You have to mail/call them before you know what the price will be. This will, of course, will take time.
We decided to go for a webshop so you can easily see what you need an order that. You can upload the images right away so I can start working on it right away.

Going International

Sinds I had my own website I always have chosen to do it in English.
I don’t want to only service the dutch market, English is really appreciable because most of the people understand English. Also, I’m dreaming about doing a world trip and would love to shoot then. When my website is dutch people could not understand anything and I don’t like that idea. To change the whole website when I go out there didn’t sound right, so that is also one reason.

Both my Instagram and website are in English. Why is my blog and youtube not in English?
At the beginning I wrote a blogpost in Dutch and English, unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to do this all the time next to my study. From now on I want an “important” blogpost to be available in English as well. So the blog is more appreciable.
The Vlogs on the youtube channel will be continued in Dutch because that is my native language.
But I’m thinking about getting subtitles under it, so let me know if you would like that.

Payments available worldwide.

At the moment we work with an awesome tool, called Stripe.
You can use different payment methods like iDeal for the Netherlands.
What I like about this tool you can go worldwide with it because you have payments for a lot of countries.
Like I said before, going international is something we want to work on.

Photographers and Retouchers.

The main goal of the website is to help photographers/brands and retouchers.
I help retouchers to give them tutorials, one to one masterclasses and tools.
Also on the website, there are different freebies available.
But, the website is also to help people to do retouching for them if they’re not available to do it there selfs.
I want to help them to do it them selfs, but in case that doesn’t work out, I can totally do it for them.

What do you find on the website?

You have on the website a few things that you can buy.
Like, letting me “cut-out” the products for you. A tutorial about dodge and burn.
But also some free raw images that you can download to practice on.
In the future, I totally will add some more tutorials.

And are you excited about the new website? You can view it on 
Hopefully, you will get something out of it or can I help you to get the most out of your image.
If you have any questions I would love to answer them.

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